Revealing the Blog to My Husband: A Texting Conversation

Believe it or not, this is not my first time on the blogosphere. My husband and I had a blog about 12 years ago when we were first married and eventually became a family. This was before we were both on Facebook and the blog was an easy way to share photos and information with family near and far. (My grandmother, who is not on Facebook, in particular loved the blog because it was easy for her to bookmark.)

Because of privacy reasons, I decided to permanently shut down the old family blog; I finally got around to it last week before I started this one. I talked about places where I worked and people I knew, and I posted photos and videos that were appropriate for family and friends but not protected in any way.

I stopped working full-time in 2012 when my husband started a new job that gave us a lot more financial flexibility (read: he got a big-ass raise) and other than a few freelancing gigs I haven’t written anything professionally in nearly four years. I decided to write pretty regularly here, to get into a rhythm, before I went more aggressively after freelance work.

I told my husband about it this afternoon via text.

Him: I will be home a little before 8. How is your day going?

Me: I started a blog and choose to remain anonymous for the time being so don’t tell anyone. Here is the URL.

Him: Hello

Me: What

Him: I got something about a blog and a link?

Me: yes

Him: oh cool

Me: it is my new blog

Him: We were texting each other at the same time!

Me: that is how texting works

Him: you are a super fast typer!

Me: you can read it but don’t tell anyone.

So there you have it. 

Revealing the Blog to My Husband: A Texting Conversation

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