Super Bowl Saturday

I planned a really righteously indignant post today about American football.

I was going to write how I was indifferent about it until I went to college in Pittsburgh and became an obnoxious Steelers fan, complete with a Terrible Towel of my very own. It is very, very hard to live in Pittsburgh and not be a Steelers fan.

I was going to discuss at length the NFL and CTE; the NFL and domestic violence in the context of Ray Rice; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and arbitrary punishment; how the Rams’ move to Los Angeles reveals an egregious level of corporate welfare, with the taxpayers being on the hook for infrastructure costs yet receiving little to no revenue from team profits; and then throw in some thoughts about the commercials being available for viewing even before the event.

Then halftime co-performer Beyonce dropped Formation a few hours ago, and it’s such a brilliant move on so many levels that I really have nothing left to say.

Super Bowl Saturday

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