A Vacancy on the Court

These are the thoughts I had, in quick succession, after learning of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on Saturday night:

  1. I feel so sad for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I remember reading about their friendship years ago, and how Scalia had wept at Ginsburg’s husband’s funeral. I lost my college roommate a few years ago; she had been 37 and the mother of four children. We weren’t even that close and didn’t even get along as roommates, but I felt such shock and grief when I heard of her death. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a longtime colleague and close friend.
  2. If the Court were like a normal company in the economy today, Scalia wouldn’t be replaced at all; the other justices would assume his workload and his managerial responsibilities without compensation. In PR speak, his position would be “absorbed.”
  3. Is Justice Clarence Thomas going to talk now?
  4. Scalia was enormously influential on the current conservative movement for being a judicial Doctor Who and treating the constitution in the way our country’s Founding Fathers–a bunch of white guys from the 18th century who owned people as property–strictly intended it, not as a guideline or framework on how to treat future issues of which they’d have no concept. (Ben Franklin would RULE on Tinder, though.)
  5. This obstructionist Congress, which has been rather spectacular in not doing its job for the past eight years or so, has thrown down and requested the President to not do his job and nominate a replacement for Scalia. This particular part of the presidential job description literally is in the Constitution; it’s what the old white guys strictly intended. So now this generation of old white guys are trying to do something that the guy they are trying to replace would vociferously object to.
  6. I pretty much object to everything that Scalia stood for, and I hope the Court starts to lean left again.
A Vacancy on the Court

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