Teen Titans Modern Reincarnation of Breakfast Club?

My children watch a lot of inane programming on The Cartoon Network and the various incarnations of the Disney Channel. Excuse me while I put on my Insufferable Parent Shoes, but in general and at the very minimum the shows have no educational value and tend to reinforce cultural stereotypes. (When my kids were younger, I was a BIG fan of Yo Gabba Gabba, which plot-wise had the consistency of cotton candy but the musical acts and dancing were GREAT. Also, Biz Markie.)

I know as an Insufferable Parent I’m supposed to be more in tune with what my children are watching. I don’t watch television with them. Because our house has an open floor plan, I always can hear what they’re watching as I am cooking dinner or reading or writing on my awesome blog. However, the shows always are on in the background. I got so annoyed with the laugh tracks, how many times the characters said the words “stupid” and “dumb” and generally were being poor excuses for productive members of society that I put a temporary moratorium on these shows. The kids only can watch them on the weekends. I love the shows on PBS, and the kids also are allowed to watch programs on the Science Channel, Discovery and National Geographic.

Last night, a friend and her kids came over. She has a daughter and son the same ages as my daughter and son, so everyone has a pretty good time. Over a couple of beers, I was complaining about the shows my kids watch and she said her daughter made an interesting comment about Teen Titans Go. She said her daughter wanted to know if she should wear black clothes and black nail polish like Raven, one of the characters in the show. My friend alluded to her daughter believing that Raven was a label and the daughter believed she was part of Raven’s category.

This is Raven:


As my friend is describing how her daughter wants to look like Raven, this is who I was picturing:


And since most of my best ideas come either in the shower or after two beers, I blurted out loud, “Teen Titans Go is this generation’s Breakfast Club.”

My friend gasped and then we both started furiously googling. My friend is much more versed in the Teen Titans Go canon, so she was researching how the Teens were introduced and comparing it with how the Breakfast Club characters arrived at the high school in the beginning of the movie.

We also determined which Teen Titans matched up to each member of the Breakfast Club.


Robin =








Beast Boy=









After we toasted each other as legit geniuses, my husband directed us to a YouTube clip and it looks like others came up with the same idea we did.


Teen Titans Modern Reincarnation of Breakfast Club?

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