Make America Work!

There was another #GOPDebate last night. I don’t watch any of the debates (or town halls) because the candidates don’t truly debate. They don’t answer the questions and instead use time to spout forth talking points that the moderators don’t have the resources to immediately fact-check, or insult each other, or blame the media for having the audacity to ask the question in the first place. Also, there are way too many candidates for even a halfway meaningful discussion; I think that’s why all of them so far have devolved into some kind of parody of a reality show.

Speaking of reality show, Donald Trump has defied all expectations–inside the Republican party and out–and remained the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. I guess The Powers That Be in the GOP finally understand that an establishment candidate isn’t going to cut it. Even though Trump is a living, breathing example of income disparity and tax cuts and entertainment in one nifty package, his followers extol him for “telling it like it is” (even though he won’t release his tax returns), his business “success” (even though running the government is not the same as running a business, and his very vague promise to “Make America Great Again.”

(When he wears that red hat I’m constantly reminded of Beach Boys’ lead singer Mike Love wearing a “Beach Boys” hat while singing in concert. It gets me every single time.)

My issue with Trump is that he doesn’t spell that well and he tends to retweet people who demean and debase women, LGBTQ populations and religious minorities. Why give those kinds of people any kind of platform?

So a large swath of the electorate seems to think a suitable candidate for President needs to have (1) starred on his own reality show, (2) written his own books, (3) be successful in his area of specialty, (4) have no government experience whatsoever. I think I’ve found someone who not only fulfills all the criteria above, but also is a kinder person in general.

My Reality Star Nominee for the GOP* Nomination: Mr. Tim Gunn


  1. He was so successful as a mentor on Project Runway (he won a Primetime Emmy in 2013) that he got his own show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. He’s also appeared as himself on numerous other programs and continues to do voiceover work.
  2. He’s written four books, including a (Fashion) BIBLE.
  3. As Dean of the Parsons School of Design, he completely revamped the program, which is now considered one of the finest design schools in the country. (He made it great again!)
  4. Gunn has no experience in government, although he’s a fifth generation Washingtonian; his mother worked for the CIA and his father was an agent for the FBI.

Simply put, I can see Tim Gunn in any kind of situation, advising his team on how to proceed and then clap his hands and say “Make it work!” very sternly and you know that people would get shit done.

Fashion is a booming international industry that includes labor, the arts, textiles, and much, much more. You know he’d look impeccable at any kind of summit, be it at Camp David or in the middle of the desert.

He’s also pretty kind, compared with Trump, at least. He doesn’t insult the designers on his show, he gives them advice (and more often than not, he’s right) and encourages them.

So instead of Make America Great Again, I think a better slogan would be Make America Work! It can work for everybody– economically, socially and politically–and everything, too. Make America Work for you! Make America work for everyone else! It’s a catchall phrase that everyone can agree on.

*I’m not a registered voter of the GOP. This post, as like nearly all the others, is for entertainment value. Although Tim Gunn would be the most fabulous president ever.


Make America Work!

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