The Shadowhunters Drinking Game

I always wonder how many drafts a script goes through before it’s approved for filming, and then how many edits occur on set while scenes are being shot.

We’re more than five episodes into the Shadowhunters run on ABC Family Freeform, and although the casting was well done and the actors are trying to do the best they can, it seems to me that more money has been spent on special effects, sets and wardrobe than actually advancing the plot along. Pacing has been glacial and the dialogue wooden, but the drama and angst is up to 11.

I’m going to see this through because I watch it with a friend and I thought the books were great. The show hasn’t watched hate-watching status yet, but I’ve paid more attention to things I’m not supposed to notice, which always is a bad sign.

In last night’s episode, there was a pivotal scene in which Clary had to explain her best friend Simon’s disappearance to his mom. There was lots of buildup and handwringing, and then the show cut away just when we’re about to see what Clary had decided to tell Simon’s mother. We never see the conversation and in the next scene Clary and her love interest are hashing over what was said, but we don’t see the mother’s reaction at all. That’s a prime example of lazy screenwriting.

So, to help make the show more entertaining, since it can’t entertain me on its own merit alone, my friend and I have adopted a drinking game to play as we watch more episodes.

Drink when:

  • Clary cries.
  • The same exact statement is repeated more than once by more than one character in the same scene.
  • Despite everyone repeating the same statement all of the time, the scene ends without anything happening.
  • Jace runs his fingers through his hair.
  • Alec doesn’t make eye contact while responding to someone.
  • Magnus tilts his head while speaking.
  • Someone says “We can’t do this.”
  • Someone says “We shouldn’t do this.”
  • People are seen in the background of the Institute doing important-looking things on high-tech gadgetry without any explanation.
  • A character is staring pensively out a window.
  • Jace walks uncomfortably in tight jeans.
The Shadowhunters Drinking Game

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