Making Exercise a Competition: The Fitbit

    My husband and I are very competitive. We can’t play Trivia Pursuit without my husband insisting we trade the boxes that hold the questions because I apparently get all the easy ones. (This is just one example. My daughter suggested we go to a “feelings doctor” after she watched us try to play pinochle together.)
A few years ago, during a kitchen renovation and giving up Diet Coke cold turkey, I decided to take up running and I started Couch to 5K. I eventually went on to complete several races over the course of a number of years before my knees revolted over any form of high-impact activity.

Not to be outdone, my husband took up running and is currently training for his third half-marathon. (Slacker.)

I asked for a Fitbit for our wedding anniversary last year; I easily could be the least romantic woman you’d ever come across. I’m pretty diligent about getting my 10,000 steps a day, although being home with a sick child, like yesterday, is an exception. I have a Flex, shown above, and it even measures how often and how well I sleep. I’ve friended other people and can enter contests and earn badges on how much I walk every day.

I came across a deal for the Fancy Fitbit (I think it’s a Charge?) and my husband got one last week. It tracks his running pace, alerts him when he receives a call or email and I think it even helped the accountant do our taxes. So far I WALK MORE STEPS THAN HIM EVERY DAY but I don’t think he’s as religious about having it charged.

I’ve read that some long term health facilities are thinking of giving their residents to track activity and even vital signs like resting heart rate. I thought it sounded great in theory but after considering it more  I find it’s awfully invasive and very Hunger Games/Big Brother.

I’ll report back in a month or so with step totals.

Making Exercise a Competition: The Fitbit

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