Our local high school went on administrative lockdown today shortly after school started. A bullet, along with a threat, was left in a men’s room. Everyone in the district got a robocall with a basic explanation of what happened, with instructions to go to the district’s website for more information. The website promptly crashed, and the information released in the robocall was also posted on the district’s Facebook page.

High school students were dismissed early and searched before they left the building. All activities were cancelled this evening. The local newspaper reported that authorities arrested a 17-year-old student, who was charged with making terroristic threats. The school is not releasing any more information because it’s part of an official investigation. The authorities aren’t releasing the student’s name because the suspect is a minor.

Administrative lockdown is when kids have to stay in classrooms but teachers can still go ahead with their lessons.

I’m very familiar with the high school, even though my children are in elementary school, because the high school is roughly 50 yards from my house. The district’s middle school is on the same campus, and my kids’ elementary school is 200 yards away from the high school.

I understand why the school and police release as little information as possible, but I was nervous because I didn’t know the nature of the threat. Was it directed against a particular student, or group of students, or a teacher, or the principal? If it’s against one person, then chances are the suspect wasn’t threatening to blow up the entire school–which could possibly impact my children’s school and my home. 

(There was a similar incident with a bullet at the high school two years ago, and the student allegedly had inadvertently brought in leftover ammunition after a weekend hunting trip.)

I really have nothing else to say; lots of parents are exploding all over social media and I don’t have anything constructive to add. Everything goes back to normal tomorrow; I’ll complain more about our school board then.


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