“You’re Not Going to Get What You Want”: Our Current School Board Chair

Usually I like people in office who get shit done. But our school board chair prefers to get shit (costing taxpayer money) done behind closed doors and without the rest of the board members ratifying a contract for said shit.

Our community has been upset with him for awhile. The newspaper has called for his resignation, and a number of parents in the neighborhood who can’t bake something for a fundraiser eagerly signed a petition encouraging him to leave.

The local district attorney is going to investigate our school district upon hearing that it has no money to fund full-time art, music, physical education and library science programs to elementary students, but somehow can afford to pay $70,000 to a law firm to investigate (and eventually exonerate) the previous superintendent; $160,000, or a full year’s salary, as part of the previous superintendent’s settlement; and now, up to $17,000 to hire a search firm to search for a new superintendent. (Search firms have been utilized in finding such great candidates that the district has gone through two superintendents in three years.) In addition, the interim superintendent is charging the district $700/day, plus travel expenses. (His first letter to the community was a defensive justification of his salary. And a good welcome to you, too!)

The chair has sworn in meetings where there are children present, and has told constituents who voted for him that they aren’t going to get what they want; namely, reinstating those elementary school programs and his resignation.

Word on the street is that the chair, who owns a property development company, will have to shell out beaucoup bucks to introduce those programs back into schools, because it will mean a hike in taxes. All of the other school districts around us face the same budget woes from the state and somehow have managed to keep programming intact.

We moved to our neighborhood solely based on the schools, and I voted against the chair when he was up for re-election last November. He and other candidates cross-registered, so if people voted for their ticket, the chair and friends automatically got their vote.

In response to all the publicity–the interim superintendent said his main job was to keep the board off the front page of the newspaper–the vice chair recommended that the board not post meeting times or agenda items, which would violate the school board’s charter.

Now I get to take my kids to the dentist, which is located in the same complex as the chair’s company. I don’t know who this is going to hurt more, me or them.



“You’re Not Going to Get What You Want”: Our Current School Board Chair

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