Early Easter Miracles

Our esteemed school board chair did an about-face and apologized to our community  in a letter AND in person at the beginning of a school board meeting a couple weeks ago. The new proposed budget for next year includes the reinstatement of full-time art and music instruction at the elementary school level. I’m bitter that my daughter will never reap the benefits of an education that fulfills the whole child (not just testing), but at least my son will get to enjoy two years of it. Next on the agenda for full-time funding: physical education and library science.

Speaking of budgets, Pennsylvania finally will have one after a grueling, nine-month impasse that takes partisan bickering and obstruction to a whole new level. (The governor released emergency funds around the new years to keep struggling schools depending on state funds from closing.) To be clear, no one is happy about it, but at least it’s done.

I finally finished War and Peace. It took me six weeks, and I’m working on the mini-series now. I love the costumes and the set design, and the acting is simply wonderful. It’s a hard time reconciling the post British accents knowing that Tolstoy’s Russian aristocracy spoke French, but Brooding James Norton makes up for it.


Early Easter Miracles

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