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Daffodils are my favorite flowers. They’re bright and cheery; their arrival means that winter is pretty much gone for good.

These deflated daffodils suffered through a bitter cold snap yesterday, which I feel is Mother Nature’s way of bringing me back to reality after a heady Phillies spring training. (I feel just as defeated as those daffodils look.)

Those blistering Phils were too hot to handle for the true Opening Day of baseball on Sunday, so they started the regular season against the Reds on Monday. The Reds, stalwarts of the National League Central, are projected to lose as many games as the Phillies this season. But thanks to the Phils’ bullpen, the team notched a big old ugly L first.

David Hernandez trotted out with a one-run lead and couldn’t record a single out. Then James Russell came into “help.”

For those keeping score, Hernandez now has an ERA of infinity (not like Buzz Lightyear Infinity) and Mr. Russell a scorching 54. A respectable ERA for a professional baseball player is 3.00.

I wonder if those Villanova Wildcats can throw a baseball.

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