I’m Irrationally Angry at George R. R. Martin

Overall, my philosophy is always to read the book before seeing its adaptation.* But in the case of George R. R. Martin, I literally can’t because the next season of Game of Thrones is going to be aired without the source material, the perpetually forthcoming novel Winds of War, is published. Indeed, there’s even speculation that GRRM is having so much fun being a famous author that he’s not even going to finish Winds of War.

Last summer, I binge-read and then binge-watched Game of Thrones. Even though the series at this point is diverging greatly from the books, I really enjoyed everything. I was pleasantly surprised to get so sucked in because generally speaking, fantasy isn’t my favorite genre (exception: Stephen King’s Eye of the Dragon is tremendous). 

I loved Game of Thrones because for the most part, the women are incredibly strong, despite their limited circumstances. (See: The Khaleesi and Lady Brienne, my two favorites.)  The character development is superb, and although I think I know how the series is going to end–the dragons being used to defeat the white walkers–I can’t wait to see how it’s going to play out.

I just wish I could have access to all the extra information that the book brings before seeing it unfold on TV.
*I just started binge-watching The Outlander.

I’m Irrationally Angry at George R. R. Martin

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