Where the Socks Are: A Photo Essay

Friday is laundry day around here. To help reduce clutter and promote tidiness, each child has a hamper in his or her room. There also are hampers located in the mud room and laundry room.  My husband and I have a hamper in our room, too. TL;DR: there is no earthly reason why clothes should ever be on the floor. I only accept one of four locations: in the dresser/closet, in the hamper, in the washer/dryer or on the person.

But my son? My son leaves his socks all over the place. I’ve given up trying to match them. If a teacher ever asks me why my kid shows up to school with two different socks every day, I’ll show one of the following photos.

Sock on the mantle

Socks on and in the couch

Sock next to the hamper

Sock BEHIND the hamper

Sock in Stuffed Animal Land (it’s my understanding that none of the animals wear my son’s socks)


Sock in bed

Sock in his mouth (and tightly knotted, took me a good five minutes to unravel)

Where the Socks Are: A Photo Essay

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