I’m the Mayor of Sunburn City

Because I live in Pennsylvania, I get to experience all four seasons. At this time of year, all of those seasons tend to occur in the span of a week. We had about three inches of snow last Saturday, and yesterday, just seven days later, felt like summer by mid-afternoon.

I’m extremely pale and since I had a pre-pre-cancerous mole removed (in three to five years it would have been pre-cancerous) I’ve been religious about sunscreen. I wear SPF 35 on my face every day and I use the same sunscreen as my kids (SPF 50+) elsewhere. I wear sunglasses. I try to be in the shade.  Yesterday in the afternoon, I applied sunscreen before visiting my friend’s house, and was under an umbrella for a few hours, yet still ended up sporting this:

I took the photo a full 24 hours after getting the burn and it’s still got a dull ache. I average about one pretty bad burn a year, but it’s usually when I’m on vacation. I’ve gotten burned on cloudy days, in the ocean, in the snow on a sunny day, in the car during road trips, playing softball after work, you name it. 

Here’s hoping this is the last I experience of this foolishness this year.

I’m the Mayor of Sunburn City

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