My Children Brought the Drama to the Polling Place

I’ve brought my daughter and son with me to vote as far back as I can remember, and I vote in every election I can. After all, a whole lot of people went to a whole lot of trouble to ensure that I can vote. When my son was very young, he got his bs and vs confused, so he thought we were going to a lake instead of fulfilling my civic obligation.

Our polling place is our local firehouse, and the workers are so kind. Last November, they created a computer program for kids to use while the adults are voting; the children get to vote for their favorite cartoon animal. Because my daughter has an away softball game after school that will involve me traveling during rush hour to a town 20 minutes away while constantly feeding weather updates to said daughter (it’s April in Pennsylvania; thunderstorms are pretty common), I decided to bring them with me before school.

Luckily, there was no line, and once my son determined that no one had any candy for him, he made a beeline to the computer with the kids’ game on it, waving off all attempts by the dear poll workers trying to explain how it worked. I finished up my ballot pretty quickly (I have to color in squares like I’m taking a standardized test) and after it was scanned in and I got my confirmation, I noticed there was some action near the kids’ computer. By now my daughter was voting and my son was entertaining young and old with a soulful rendition of “Red Solo Cup.” My daughter loudly complained and my son rejoined with a j’accuse! of his own: he claimed his sister rushed him through his vote, which wasn’t recorded and she merely changed his answers to hers and then submitted her ballot.

I usually get a picture of us outside the polling place, but they weren’t talking to each other at that point and my son decided to steal candy from the people waiting outside the entrance. That started a whole new fight and my lecture on voter intimidation was NOT appreciated by either party. There were tears. I gave out strikes. At least we didn’t miss the bus.

Anyway, I voted, and despite this morning’s shenanigans, I’m always grateful for the right and opportunity to do so.

My Children Brought the Drama to the Polling Place

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