This T-Shirt Is My Jam

I’ve found the perfect top to pair with my daily uniform of yoga pants and/or jeans:

I took a multitude of personality tests during the course of a particular psychology class in college. In my opinion, the best is the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. (Don’t be fooled by all those imitation quizzes on Facebook.) 

Myers-Briggs is based on the work of Carl Jung, who once was a student of Freud. Like all theories of personality, Myers-Briggs has its flaws, but I’ve taken the test once every five years and the results have been pretty consistent since I first took the test in 1997.

I’m an ISTJ, and the initials stand for Introverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging. I want to expand a little bit on that first word, because I know I’m strange and it goes a long way in explaining my behavior. 

I’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and therapy helped, but I don’t do well while socializing in large groups, usually more than 10 people, even if they’re relatives. I do the “Irish exit” or “Italian exit” or whatever you call it when  you feel the overwhelming need to leave immediately without telling people goodbye.

I’m friends with extroverts and they never fail to amaze me. They are outgoing and great with small talk; they aren’t intimidated by a bunch of strangers. I feel comfortable talking to a stranger if said person is wearing a Phillies shirt. But once someone in a Phillies shirt said the only reason he was wearing it was because it was laundry day and I just said “OK” in a small voice and sweated profusely. And waited for a meteor to strike.

Alcohol helps, but I can’t tolerate it any more, and when I do get tipsy, the day afterward I obsess about what I said to the point of considering a neighborhood-wide apology tour until my husband tells me to please calm down.

The t-shirt above perfectly encapsulates what I feel in most social situations with groups of people. If you’re an introvert, you’re not alone and you can pull an Irish exit on me anytime. I don’t need to be a stop on your apology tour. If you’re an extrovert, I wish I could be more like you and feel more comfortable at parties, happy hours and barbecues. Please just understand it takes a lot of my mental energy to attend those functions, and when I leave it’s not a reflection on you. I just have to restore that energy.

This T-Shirt Is My Jam

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