T Minus Seven Days


I don’t know if it’s a side effect of me needing to connect to other parents and their kids when my children were toddlers, but now my offspring come to expect a JAM-PACKED SUMMER FILLED WITH ALL THE ACTIVITIES.

This is what’s on tap:

-Four week youth yoga class for both children

-A pretty epic vacation in June and our normal shore vacation in August

-Four week kids crochet class for my daughter

-Sleepover Scouts camp for my daughter

-Family passes to an amusement park only 40 minutes away

-Family pool passes, where I will offer to pack lunches and my children will insist on waiting in line for 30 minutes for a hot dog and then return to the pool just in time for adult swim #myturnontheslide

-Summer piano lessons

(I buy them each activity books for their respective grade levels to keep their minds on school-like material and I ask them to complete four pages each day. You’d think I was demanding they become proficient in renal transplantation surgery. The piano teacher conducts a pretty awesome practicing contest, and I don’t know what’s worse: putting both kids on the same team and have my daughter accuse my son of sabotaging victory, or have them on separate teams and trash-talk one another.)

I have the activities lined up because my children do not do well with unscheduled free time that’s not in front of a television or an electronic device. There are enough kids in the neighborhood that they can find someone to ride bikes with, but they’d much rather have me make suggestions and reject them all before finding something to do themselves.

In a few years, summer will be long and boring for everyone. My children will be too young for part-time work yet too old for most organized activities. They’ll be bored at the pool and the idea of a family vacation will cause their eyes to literally roll out of their heads. That’s why I’m trying–albeit with little success–to find ways to entertain themselves now.





T Minus Seven Days

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