Pool Style

We go to one of our township’s two pools nearly every day of the summer. My children have reached the magical age in which they can enjoy the pool without me having to be in an arm’s reach. They always run into friends. More often than not, I do, too. They’re worn out when they get home and always sleep well. Our township takes pretty good care of their facilities so as I type this I’m relaxing in the shade knowing my children are safe. Going to the pool can’t possibly be stressful, can it?

Here is an abridged list of everything pool-related my children argue about.

  • Who gets sunscreen first
  • Buying something from the snack bar
  • Buying something else from the snack bar
  • The rules of a constantly evolving game that only takes place during “pit swim” in the diving pool
  • Finding all the pool toys they insisted on bringing
  • Going to the pool to play basketball when we have a basketball hoop in our driveway 
  • Goggles
  • Packing snacks because we are not buying anything from the snack bar
  • Adult swim (my children are truly enraged that the lifeguards hand over the pool to adults for 15 minutes every two hours)
  • Proper cannon ball form
  • Who gets to shower first when we leave
  • How they determine who gets to shower first when we leave
  • The number of paper-rock-scissors games that has to be won to determine who gets to shower when we leave
Pool Style

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