Unsolicited Thoughts on Bad Moms from a Mediocre Mom

I saw Bad Moms last night with about 14 other women. The experience of watching the movie with other moms was more enjoyable than the film itself.

There were some very, very funny moments, and it was deeply cathartic listening to harried suburban moms swear as much as I do. 


  1. The movie pits moms against moms. There’s nothing that upsets me more. Eventually the antagonist reveals she herself is a bad mom beneath a steely perfect facade, but it’s way too little and way too late.
  2. Men were reduced to caricatures. Husbands were either domineering chauvinistic pigs or slacker doormats. Mothers can still be deeply unhappy if their partners are successful, involved parents. Their feelings are just as legitimate.
  3. Mila Kunis gets a parking spot in front of the school every single time, no matter how late she is. No one calls her out for ruining the order of a pickup line. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. EVER.
  4. There is nothing like getting drunk and vandalizing a supermarket with your bitches, but that is not a girls’ night I usually have. We get wasted in our pajamas in the privacy of our own homes and shout at the television.
  5. The movie throws a lot at us: it’s OK to embrace your inner frat boy! Embracing your inner frat boy makes you selfish and you should always put your children first! No, put your career first! No wait: put your MARRIAGE first! Standardized testing is bad! Kids should be kids! But the best message–we should be raising our children to be good people–is only glanced upon.
Unsolicited Thoughts on Bad Moms from a Mediocre Mom

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