PSA: My Kid Is Going to Be Late to Something This Fall

Even though fall afternoons are nuts until early November, I don’t consider my kids overscheduled, which is one of the parenting crises that gets tossed around. (In fact, let’s see how many issues I touch upon in this post alone that experts tell me will ruin my children.)

In the fall, each of my kids plays a sport, goes to piano practice and attends Scout meetings. They have a minimal amount of homework (#parentingcrisis, priority number one no worries!), so they get to interact with other kids on a competitive (sports) and noncompetitive (Scouting) level, and enhance their school instruction (music).

Because I have two children and I’ve yet to see a cloning program successfully implemented, I try to schedule things as best I can so there is no overlap. After two very very anxious weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that even with my husband as a backup chauffeur I can’t control everything so my kids will be late to some things. 

Before you sharpen your pitchforks and coordinate a road trip to my house to shame me in person, let me assure you that one of the biggest pet peeves I have is habitual tardiness. Not many people in my family share my affliction, as my husband will happily tell you how many times we’ve showed up early for events and everyone else strolls in late. You can argue all you want that being late is a form of creativity or you think being on time is a sign that your social life is in tatters because it means you have nothing else to do. I don’t buy it. It means you value your time more than someone else’s. (Aside: I’m a treasure in an airport when there are inexplicable delays.) Sure, there are things that come up beyond your control and those kinds of circumstances are completely reasonable. I’m talking about the people whom you have to tell the meeting is an hour earlier than it really is, just to make them show up on time.

It grates my nerves to be late because I try to set an example for my children. But most of the extracurricular activities are run by volunteers, so I can’t exactly throw a tantrum and demand everyone adhere to my schedule. We just eat dinner whenever (most days not with my husband #parentingcrisis #ohnoes #sandwichesinsteadofmeatloaf) and try to fit it all in. But most importantly, we call when we are going to be late and most often, people seem to understand.

PSA: My Kid Is Going to Be Late to Something This Fall