I’m With Her

I try to be respectful of other people’s perspectives and not live in an echo chamber, but this election season has gotten so ugly it’s tested the limits of my acceptance.

I firmly believe you can disagree with or be upset at a person or a policy without using racial and derogatory slurs or threatening murder or incarceration.

I was happy to vote for whatever nominee the Democratic Party selected. Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly a historic choice, but I’m not voting for her because she’s a woman. I would have selected Bernie Sanders over Carly Fiorna in a heartbeat. 

Is Clinton flawed? Yes. I wish she was straightforward about her Foundation’s contributions when she was Secretary of State. I wish she had apologized to the women she furiously attacked and worked to discredit after they complained about her husband’s behavior.

(I tried, but I can’t get worked up about those emails. I’ve worked with people who insisted on printing everything out and I just feel sorry for her aides who had to do that. It doesn’t make for an efficient work environment.)

So why am I voting for Clinton?

  1. She has clear, detailed policies and plans. 
  2. She has a history of public service in the legislative and executive branches.
  3. She’s shown she can be a centrist and compromise with colleagues from across the aisle.
  4. She’s worked for the only guy to whom she lost an election without pettiness or complaint.
  5. Lastly, and most importantly, I agree with her on most of her policy positions.

As for her opponent:

Communication theorist Marshall McLuhan once wrote, “The medium is the message,” and I think that statement perfectly encapsulates the Republican candidate’s campaign. His medium of choice is television.

Like Trump, television news lacks substance and context. Many of his rallies were broadcast live in their entirety on cable news channels, which floored me. Surrogates marched on and off shows, talking in sound bites, making absurd, unchallenged claims and twisting themselves into figurative pretzels trying to defend Trump’s personally contradictory stances on a number of issues.

And despite all this exposure, Trump successfully derided and eventually discredited much of the media, despite employing the CEO of a media company as his campaign chairman and his son-in-law owning a newspaper. 

Now, he’s whipping up his supporters to question the validity of an election, in which fraud has proven to be statistically insignificant, because there’s a strong chance he’s going to lose and he doesn’t accept responsibility for any of his failures.

Personally, I think the whole campaign has been an extended program for the soon-to-be-formed Trump Television Network, just another channel in the screaming void.

I’m With Her

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