Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

I lost a set of grandparents within a week of each other during this time 16 years ago, and my parents separated after nearly 25 years of marriage soon afterward. Since then, the holidays have never been the same for me. I thought I would regain that spirit after I had kids, but it’s never resurfaced. As I’ve grown older, this time of year has become a lot more complicated as my family has grown and changed.

Despite my apathy, I live a relatively comfortable life and I’ve got lots for which to be thankful.

  • My health. I rarely get sick and I only need routine checkups.
  • My husband. He drives me crazy but he’s married to me, and I can be only what is politely described as “ornery” on my best days. He works hard. He’s a great dad. He fills the air in the tires of my car because I hate doing it. He’s supportive of this blog and encourages me to go public with my real identity.
  • My children. They are funny and kind when they are not actively trying to kill each other. 
  • My friends. I’m an introvert and not only do I not make friends easily, I hold them to incredibly high standards. Sometimes it seems that friendship is a miracle to me: finding a person who likes you well enough to actively choose to spend time with you, rather than being an obligation.

And even though sometimes I don’t show it, I’m thankful for all of those things each and every day.

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

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