Heavens to Betsy

I’ve kept quiet since the election although it’s been quite the whirlwind: Trump went on a thank-you tour! McConnell shook himself out of his Merrick Garland-induced slumber and decided to work! Trump had a press conference! Ryan is doing something in the House with healthcare, but mostly confusing people, who seem to think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are different things!

This week, Trump’s cabinet nominees are parading to Capitol Hill for their confirmation hearings. All of his picks are questionable, but I lean left and my suspicion is to be expected.

But today, I called both my Senators for the first time today to complain about Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick to be the Secretary of Education. I purposely didn’t mention her penchant for vouchers or her deep, deep donating pockets. I just watched some highlights of her hearing and it’s like (at best) she showed up completely unprepared. I mean, if I were going to a televised job interview with people in charge of blessing me in my new position I might do some research, brush up on some policy, admit my weaknesses and highlight my strengths. 

Instead, DeVos rolled up like this hearing was a foregone conclusion (I don’t know, maybe it is) and proceeded to act as though her billions entitled her to this position, because she certainly had no grasp on federal education legislation, accountability metrics, or any issue whatsoever regarding public education.

Here is the whole hearing (source: PBS) for your enjoyment/abject horror:

If you’re going to be the Secretary of the Education Department, I expect you to know the difference between growth and proficiency; that you have to enforce the IDEA act because it’s federal legislation that you can’t punt to the state; you should have a little bit of empathy and respect when the Senator of a state with the worst school massacre in history asks you about guns in schools; and you shouldn’t repeat, with a smirk and a wink, that you believe in accountability while hilariously failing to deflect a question.

I hope my Senators listen to me because as a mother of two kids in public schools, I worry immensely about this nominee.

Heavens to Betsy

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