I have some questions about Cinderella Pull-Ups

I was shopping this morning and came across Cinderella-branded pull-ups.

Far be it from me to criticize the marketing juggernaut that is Disney, but I wasn’t convinced Cindy is the best face of overnight dryness and comfort. Here are some concerns:

  1. Wouldn’t Sleeping Beauty be better equipped to handle promotional tie-ins here? She stayed dry for a LOT of nights. You know middle-of-the-night diaper changes were not part of the dragon’s job description. The Prince didn’t recoil from a possible urine or fecal stench, either. (I’m sure he was sweaty and smoky from battling the thorns and the dragon and was in no place to make hygienic demands, but still.)
  2. Cinderella doesn’t return to her humble abode until well after midnight. Do the pull-ups go on then?
  3. Or do the pull-ups change back into cloth diapers or a charming wood creature when the clock strikes 12? 
  4. If I had a magic wand, the kid would bippity-boppity-poop in the toilet already, no pull-ups needed. Fairy Godmother really dropped the ball, here.
  5. Are one of those five layers of protection made of glass, to match the slippers?
I have some questions about Cinderella Pull-Ups

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