Official Obligatory Online Offal Snow Day Pictures

Our region got hit with a snowstorm today, but not nearly as badly as meteorologists predicted. We got about 8-10 inches of snow; late last night the weather people were calling for up to 26 inches.

My son was home sick yesterday with a stomach bug and I spent most of today determined not to get said stomach bug.

It’s cold and windy. My son lasted seven minutes outside before coming back in and demanding hot cocoa, “on the double!” He went back out a few times and lay face-down in the drifts to eat the snow. He even brought some in for a snack.

My daughter went sledding for 10 minutes and then wanted to play Monopoly. I have to be in the mood for Monopoly. 

TANGENT: I have one distinct memory of playing the game at a friend’s house growing up. I systematically knocked off all the other players and my friend’s brother joined the game as banker right when I knocked his sister out of the game. She sat in the corner right outside the kitchen with an empty milk jug and asked passersby (she belonged to a huge family; there were loads of people in her house at any given time) for donations to pay back her loan to me. (The older brother was learning about compound interest in school and basically turned our game into a homework assignment for himself.) It was crazy and over-dramatic and fun. /END TANGENT
My daughter insisted on Simpsons Monopoly, which is interesting because my kids have never seen a Simpsons episode. My son lasted about 20 minutes and then insisted on eating his snow snack, which got everything wet. My daughter complained so I stepped in.

My daughter had bought most of the properties. My son’s main goal in the game is to buy the railroads (in the Simpsons version, they’re monorail stations) and just hang in there. My daughter and I made some trades and she owned two whole sides of the board (excluding monorail stations) and then some. 

But! In an important lesson about having capital versus equity, I was able to put monorail stations on my most expensive properties and bankrupt her about 10 minutes later.

She took the loss well and did not take to the floor asking for donations, as my friend had done. But it was just as good a game. 

Official Obligatory Online Offal Snow Day Pictures

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