What I’ve Read (and Liked) This Week

Nearly four weeks after the New Year, and Online Offal finally gets around to her New Year’s resolution of Writing More.

Why haven’t I been writing?

  • My husband, Oscar Offal, took our youngest child Olly to the Farm Show and since then defense shields have been at full power against “We should look into beekeeping,” and the followup idea, “Fewer than 10 hives.”
  • One of our cats stopped grooming herself in the genital area and I’ve been at the vet describing stools in great detail.
  • I’ve fulfilled other New Year’s resolutions, including Trying to Cook More New Things (seriously, the Instant Pot lives up to the hype), which handily helps my family’s resolution of Rejecting New Things Online Offal Cooks.
  • I’ve been reading. I finished 44 books last year, not including books I don’t list on Goodreads because at points I needed the literary equivalent of food that was not good for me. I completed six books so far this year.

So as an end-of-the-week wrapup, before I start blogging more properly, here’s what I read online and really liked this week.

  1. Ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter Takes On the World’s Most Sadistic Endurance Race, by Sarah Barker. This race completely obliterates any solidarity normally found in typical extreme competitions. And as the article describes, you’re not only running against others, you’re running against yourself.
  2. Oregon Man Becomes First Person To Cross Antarctica Unaided, by Kate Davidson and Crystal Ligori. “I wanna prove that it’s not impossible,” O’Brady said. “Not just for myself but for others who are daring to dream greatly in their lives.” (I want to add that if Oscar Offal came to me with a dream of crossing Antarctica all by himself, I would pick out the 10 beehives myself.)
  3. The Weight I Carry, by Tommy Tomlinson. I thought Roxane Gay, in her memoir Hunger, did a better job explaining her body and why it got to be the way it is now, but Tomlinson is similarly adept at describing the basic indignities he suffers every day.
  4. My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley, by Shirley Wang. This gorgeous story is about an unlikely relationship that transcends Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


What I’ve Read (and Liked) This Week

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